IAU and higher education for today and for tomorrow


Juan Ramón de la Fuente


Since the IAU 13TH General Conference in Utrecht in 2008, much has happened and a lot has changed. Four years is a long time for higher education. It represents the graduation of a new generation of students. It is marked by changing scholar and research priorities Changing government policies, new social dynamics and constantly evolving economic conditions which impact on the treasured Independence of the academic world; it is marked as well by the belief that universities are key to society and are central actors in the ensuring the pursuit of a better World for all through the creation of new knowledge and Development of informed citizens with expert knowledge. We have all had to deal with the challenges of a global economic crisis affecting almost every economy; the effects of a spreading war on terror and drug trafficking; frequent social instability and natural disasters that seem to be more frequent than ever before.


Biografía del autor/a

Juan Ramón de la Fuente, Asociación Internacional de Universidades

Presidente de la Asociación Internacional de Universidades.